Trish Blundell

About Me and Therapy

I am skilled in many therapeutic areas having been the Counselling Manager of a counselling charity in East London for ten years; additionally having worked alongside the City & East London Bereavement Service for many years I have a special interest in bereavement and loss. I believe loss, in it's many forms, is the common ground of people-kind. I also have over twenty years of experience in the autistic, sensory and learning disability community.

I am both a psychotherapist and counsellor able to work with individuals and couples. Psychotherapy gives time to work with a number of difficulties that may be complex and inter-related and so takes place over a number of months or longer. Counselling is generally for a shorter period of time and tends to focus on a particular difficulty; so if you are upset about an issue at work and finding this is disturbing your sleep pattern the number of sessions you might need would be different to someone who has had a traumatic childhood or has enduring depression.

As an experienced therapist I draw upon a number of psychological theories and concepts, which help to make sense of and bring understanding to issues or situations you might want to reflect upon and/or change. I will be able to help you consider an appropriate way forward and in our first session I will give some idea of the length of therapy you may need. I can offer on-going, long-term therapy or fixed term therapy of a set number of sessions. Generally sessions are weekly, however if possible and appropriate I can also provide fortnightly sessions. I also provide sessions via Zoom or phone.

I charge £45 per 50 minute session for individuals and £50 for couples.